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Which is better: Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X?

July 8th, 2020|Bookamkers Bonuses|

Which is better: Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X? This year will see a few of the most anticipated releases of the decade, as a new generation of consoles goes on sale in late autumn. Sony will delight fans with the brand new Playstation 5, and Microsoft expects

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Win Exciting Bonuses with the Vitamin Promo at 1xBet

April 21st, 2020|Bookamkers Bonuses|

    1xBet launched a new promotion focused on their pack of over 100 unique 1xGames. Besides the exclusive opportunity to enjoy games that are not available anywhere else online, you get the opportunity to win four different types of rewards. The promotion is called Vitamin Bonus and it’s the

Do you love betting?

Then why let yourself place a bet on the losing side most of the time? Aren’t there any betting tips to help you place the right bet so that you could gain more benefits than losses? There are a lot of websites which offer you various FreeSuperTips and advice on betting. However, not all of them are written by a true professional. Hence, the chance of winning bets is predictably low.

Most of them are not predictions for today and FreeSuperTips, which are rewritten and reposted repeatedly. What you need is a reliable prediction for today, which you might not have found before. But you don’t need to worry anymore, because now after you finish reading this article, you will get more wins than losses.

Accurate Betting Tips

Here in tipy1x2, you could get the most accurate Betting Tips to help you win the bets. Experts in their field write the tips posted here on this website. You could also get to learn how to think like a pro in the field so that you could also make almost accurate football predictions. With all the correct predictions, you would most likely win rather than losing the bets. Don’t just stay where you are, make your move now and gain more profits immediately.

Have you got your prediction for today yet?

Surely, many people should be looking for accurate and reliable soccer predictions all over the internet. However, how do you differ an accurate prediction with the others? These small details could help you discern the accurate football predictions so that you wouldn’t get biased by other false soccer predictions. The very first thing you should know about predictions is that you can’t get them accurate just with your gut feeling.

Some people may indeed have done it very often so that their gut feeling could somehow make instant soccer prediction. However, these gut feelings should be combined with the actual statistic and other data to be more accurate and reliable. The combination of the two factors creates an analysis that hardly deviates from the final results.

What is your most favorite bet?

Most people like to place bets on football matches. It is one of the most popular sports in the world, and of course, there would be people, a lot of them who would place bets. This is the easiest way to gain heaps of money in one go. But you need to get the right Betting Tips and football predictions so that you would place your bets on the winning side.

Here in tipy1x2, you would not only get the common tips prediction for today. This site provides only the most accurate football tips for our readers to win more bets than losing. All the information submitted to the readers is double checked before we go to the publishing process. This is our standard of giving service to you.

Football betting

We want our readers to also improve their knowledge in this football betting. Once a football enthusiast who bet on football games casually could be an expert with a vast knowledge of the game. You would feel the difference, once betting with just a gut feeling, and now with the real, in-depth knowledge. There would be hardly any Betting Tips details you miss from the matchups so that you would make winning bets most of the time.

We want to be more than just a website to help you place your bets. We want to be your betting partner. You could trust and learn from our site. With our knowledge, betting would never be more pleasant and responsible than now. Besides, you would be able to make profits from your favorite sports, not just a mere spectator.

A home for all sports lovers and betting professionals.

This website is the place for you to get information as well as exchanging one between users. Get to know the other betting professionals’ insights so that you would know where exactly you have been lacking. There is no such winning formula that people would happily share with others. However, it is different with insights. It could come from a mere instinct, or from a simple calculation. Yet, ideas would also need more additional analysis and calculation to make them into accurate soccer prediction. This is why betting is really not that simple.

Soccer prediction

You need to be knowledgeable with excellent analytical skills to gain more winnings and stop losing. Moreover, if it comes to the soccer prediction, having more knowledge means more analytical football predictions for today. It is so much different from gambling because there would be reasons between wins and losses. The reasons are not just about luck and coincidences. There are scientific and strategic measures in the game.

You will learn how to be responsible for each bet you make and how to manage your assets. Many people drown themselves in a single, coincidental winning bet, which makes them unreasonably addicted to placing more bets. However, the bets placed based on only gut feelings have many limitations and most likely to lose rather than win. We give you the FreeSuperTips so that you could be responsible for your bets and make reasonable decisions before placing them.

You will learn how to manage your current assets with your current percentage of winning and losing. If you learn how to manage your assets and bet responsibly, surely you would gain profits than losses.


Make sure to bookmark our website here at tipy1x2 to start getting FreeSuperTips and prediction for today to win more bets. Here on this website, we would like to build a community you can trust and, of course, create a profitable environment for betting lovers. You could say that there would be no losing bets on sports as long as you get the right insights and betting tips. It is only here you would get all you need: predictions for today and common football predictions with the most actual data from the field. Make sure to get your FreeSuperTips only from this website and start your winning streaks immediately!

Is site registration required?2020-02-28T08:59:13+00:00

You do not have to register to use the Tipy1x2 site.

What is the featured game?2020-02-08T20:14:34+00:00
The featured game is what we deem to be the best value pick of the day i.e. likelihood versus available odds.


What is an acca bet?2020-02-08T20:10:43+00:00

An accumulator – also referred to as an ‘acca’ – is a bet in which several selections are combined, and the odds multiplied to calculate a potential payout. There is no limit to the number of selections you can make, but you need all of them to come in correctly to cash out a winner. The odds are greater the more matches you add, boosting the winnings up for grabs. There are two main types of accumulator:

  1. A win accumulator is where you need to find four or more football matches and select the winners in each game.
  2. A BTTS accumulator is where you bet on four or more ‘both teams to score’ results.
Which matches are covered?2020-02-06T16:11:02+00:00

Our match coverage is unrivaled, so you’re not only covered for predictions today but the whole weekend too. To give you a brief outline, we cover ALL matches in the following markets:

  • Big European leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, etc.)
  • Champions League
  • Europa League

And many more!

Are free football predictions at TIPY1X2.COM?2020-02-06T16:15:10+00:00

Yes, all football predictions on our site are free. Looking at the pages on the site you will come across daily football columns and sound prediction. They are all accessible to our users and there is no need to pay a subscription fee.

When are your football predictions posted?2020-02-06T16:08:00+00:00

All our football previews are published by same days up to two days before kick-off. After this, they would be considered late – but this very rarely happens. We follow this policy so punters are given as much time as possible to take in each prediction before the match.

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