UFC’s Molly McCann leads crowd in ‘f*** the Tories’ chant at Liverpool rally

UFC’s Molly McCann leads crowd in ‘f*** the Tories’ chant at Liverpool rally

UFC fighter Molly McCann was among the masses who gathered at Liverpool’s St George’s Hall on Friday to campaign against the current housing and cost of living crisis.

McCann joined MPs, trade unions, community organizations and hundreds of local Liverpudlians to support the new Enough is Enough campaign, the movement that emerged as a result of the cost-of-living crisis in the UK. The UFC fighter was among those invited to give a speech and she used the opportunity to speak about her difficult childhood in Liverpool.

“I am a child from poverty. I understand what poverty is,” McCann said in an emotional speech. “Where I grew up, we had no heat, we had no food. There was times when I had to eat bags of sugar because that was all that was in the pantry…I would never want another child in this city or in this country to feel how I fing felt as a kid.”

McCann called on those in attendance to support trade unions and to continue supporting the Enough is Enough movement in order to pressure politicians and corporations to raise pay, tax the rich, offer housing for all, slash energy bills, and eliminate food poverty. The fighter closed out her speech by leading a “fthe Tories’ chant, referring to the colloquial name for the United Kingdom’s conservative party that is led by prime minister Liz Truss.

This is not the first time that McCann had led a Tories-related chant in public. Following her UFC London win earlier this year, McCann used her post-fight speech as an opportunity to led the entire crowd in a “fthe Tories” chant.

“You working class… everybody who’s come for me, I appreciate you,” McCann said during her post-fight speech. “It’s those walkouts, it’s that energy that you bring, that’s what gets [fighters] finishes.”

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